About Us
PMO – VIRGINOIL INC. is worldwide Manufacture of high quality motor oils , all our products are manufactured in our factory in the U.S.A, VIRGINOIL products are made of the finest base stocks, and contain an advanced additive technology to meet and exceed all demanding lubrication requirements of today's engines .Our mission is bring to the market a new line of high quality mineral , synthetic blend and full synthetic oil in order to complete and to achieve the maximal satisfaction of VIRGINOIL customers.

All of our products are High-Performance, Heavy-Duty; Custom Blended Lubricants manufactured to with stand the demanding requirements of today's engines and equipment. Our products will continue to perform when others have stopped.
Our products lines is:
-Automotive Engine oil :full synthetic , synthetic-blend for gasoline and diesel engines .
-Heavy duty diesel engines oil .
-Automatic transmission fluid.
- gear box oil.
-Hydraulic fluid .
-Break fluid.
-Turbine oil .
-Transformer oil .
-Tractor Hydraulic fluid
-Anti-freeze , coolant fluid.

VIRGINOIL Motor Oils meets or exceeds car manufacturers ILSAC GF-5 and American Petroleum Institute API Resource Conserving SN service classification.

For information on a particular product or application, please contact us by telephone 001- 855-877-5980 or e-mail SALES@VIRGINOIL.CA and we will send you the information on each product requested.